Sept. 2013

The Newer York Book III

Balthazar, imaginary sailor, pretend photographer - who writes these fantastic letters - asked me to make an illustration for one of his letters. Inspired by one of his photographs. Together they were published in the third volume of The Newer York

Nov. 2013

Nominated for the Romulus-Candea-Award

One and a half year, Karin Bischof and I worked on our 'Ich als mutig'-Leporello - a picture book on searching and finding courage. It made us beam with pride when we came to know that 'Ich als mutig' is nominated for the Romulus-Candea-Award 2013!

March. 2015

'Geschichten von Jana', Tyrolia Verlag

It makes me very happy that 'Geschichten von Jana' turned out to be such a beautiful book, made with care and an eye for the detail. I did these illustrations in the first few months after the birth of my son, which makes them special to me.

The stories about this witty young girl Jana are written by Sarah Michaela Orlovsky. Published by Tyrolia Verlag.


'Geschichten von Jana', Tyrolia Verlag

Kinder- und Jugendbuchpreis der Stadt Wien!

Kollektion des Ă–sterreichischen Kinder- und Jugendbuchpreis!



Die wunderbare Bilderbuchzeitschrift PAPPERLAPAPP erscheint in acht Sprachen und liegt in allen Kindergärten Wiens auf. In den ersten beiden Ausgaben durfte ich die Geschichten von Linus und Lin illustrieren.